Orders and Payments

      Order Machines

1. The machines can be chosen directly from our partners, from the Petere Peschel company, from Germany. After you choose the machines, these will be reviewed by our specialists, before the delivery time.
2. We will make you the machines offer. After you chose the machines, thease will be reviewed. You may check the authenticity of the machines in Germany, before the delivery.

      Terms of Payment

You will have to pay in advance 10% of the payment. After the 10% advance payment is completed, we start to check our workshop for the machines you ordered. The remaining amount of the payment has to be done before the delivery time, more exactly to be completed by the time we will start to load the machines, in Peter Peschel Maschinenhandel & Service company account in Germany.

      Time of Delivery:

The time of delivery is depending on the moment when your payment is completed.(in our company's bank account).

      Special agreement:

Special agreement: The buyer has the opportunity to come one day before the machines are loading, to verify the authenticity and compliance with our offer, and verify the functionality of the machines. And the buyer can assist and supervise at the loading of the machines.


New cleaning machines – 12 months warranty, the spare parts.
New washing machines and dryers – 12 months warranty, the spare parts.
New ironing machines – 12 months warranty (exception heating elements, liners and covers).
Used and verified machines – to guarantee functional takeover.
Second Hand repaired machines – with warranty on parts.
Cleaning Machine – 3 months warranty.
(it is given if the both parts agree, but only if the machine is fully reviewed).